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Multi needle embroidery machine for sale near me

If you’ve typed in the search, multi needle embroidery machine for sale near me, perhaps we can help. You see, Alan and Steve Bamber deliver multi needle embroidery machines all over mainland UK. So whether you’re in Edinburgh or Essex, we can deliver. You see we’re Main Agents for Brother UK, so we can supply the PR680W and the PR1055X. Two of the most popular multi needle embroidery machines in the country. The PR680W has six needles and the PR1055X has ten. Both are simple to operate, and both produce beautiful embroidery.

Alan & Steve set out every Wednesday and travel the highways and byways. Fortified by Spam butties and a flask of soup – usually veg. When we arrive at our customers address, we carry the machine inside, wipe our feet and set it up just where you want. We then spend an hour or so showing you the ropes. Between you and me, both models are easy to use. Just give yourself a few days to get the hang of ‘hooping up’ and practise on your everyones pyjamas, first.

We are in Manchester by the way. We have a lovely shop that customers say is neat and nicely laid out. So, if you fancy dropping by, please do. If on the other hand you are further afield, don’t fret, just phone or email. We’re always happy to help and offer friendly advice.