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Multi Needle Embroidery Machine Price

A multi needle embroidery machine price usually depends on the actual number of needles. The more needles, the higher the cost. So for example, the Brother PR680W six needle embroidery machine costs £6799 (27th Feb 2023). Whereas the Brother PR1055X ten needle embroidery machine costs £9999.

So as you can see, the PR1055X with ten needles costs more than the six needle model. Neither model is exactly cheap, but remember we also offer interest free credit (subject to status). Another thing to bear in mind is of course the earning potential of both machines. And this should offset the initial outlay, at some point.

The multi needle embroidery machine costs, once you are up and running, are generally very low. The price of embroidery threads, backings and needles etc will work out at pennies per job.
You are always welcome to call into our shop and see the multi needle embroidery machines in action. Failing that, please phone or email. We’ll be happy to help.