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Multi Needle Embroidery Machines

Multi Needle Embroidery Machines

Multi-needle embroidery machines are boon to the embroidery industry. They have made it possible to produce fast, high-quality embroidery designs on a wide range of fabrics. Bambers supply two multi needle models. They are the six needle Brother PR680W, and the ten needle Brother PR1055X. Using a machine with multiple needles, your embroidery project is no longer limited to a single colour. Instead, these machines have the ability to work with multiple threads. This means that the embroidery process can be completed in a fraction of the time.


The main reason to buy a multi needle embroidery machine, is speed. With a traditional embroidery machines, a single needle is used to create the whole design. This means that the machine has to stop and rethread the needle every time a new colour is required. For designs of even medium complexity, requiring multiple colours, this can take a lot of time.

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Ease of use of a Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

You should also bear in mind that both of the Brother models have a free arm. Basically a free arm means you can embroider everything much more easily than you can with almost all single needle embroidery machines. So you can slip a polo shirt, a T shirt or a trouser leg over the free arm. The two models are certainly popular with all our embroidery customers across the UK. The Brother multi needle embroidery machines are simple to use and easy to operate. They also produce excellent quality embroidery work.

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Cost versus Production Output

One drawback of multi-needle embroidery machines, however, is that they are generally more expensive than traditional single-needle machines. This is because they are packed with additional features and capabilities, which can drive up the cost. However, the cost can be justified by the amount of time saved during the embroidery process and the high-quality embroidery designs produced.

In conclusion, multi-needle embroidery machines are a valuable investment for businesses and individuals that require high-quality and efficient embroidery. While the machines may be more expensive than traditional single-needle machines, the speed, versatility, and quality of embroidery make them a worthwhile investment. With these machines, the possibilities for creative designs and custom embroidery are limitless, making them a must-have for anyone in the embroidery industry.

So if you’re in the market for a multi needle embroidery machine, you should get in touch. You’re very welcome to call in for a chat. We have the Brother PR680W & PR1055X on permanent display in our showroom. Alternatively, if you live further away, please phone or email. We’ll be happy to help.