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What embroidered items sell most

When they first begin, many of our embroidery customers already know what embroidered items sell most. Or at least, they think they know. Twelve months down the line what they actually sell most might be completely different. Trends change and you might find that some products sell well in summer, and other sell well in winter.
As a rule of thumb you can break embroidered items down into two categories. Designs & Logos and Personalisation.

So lets look at what you might embroider.
Workwear – Polo Shirts, Fleece Jackets, Tabbards, Aprons, Hi-Viz Jackets & Vests etc.
Babywear – Baby Grows, Blankets, Hats, Bibs, Leggings, Dungarees etc.
Hotels and B&B’s – Towels, Bathrobes, Napkins, Pillowcases etc.
Horse Kit, Saddlepads, Numbners, Horse Blankets, Polo Shirts, Fleece Jackets, Towels etc.

Designs and logos are usually what you might embroider onto Polo Shirts and Fleece Jackets etc. Frank the plumber might want you to embroider his design or logo onto twenty polo shirts. And you should try to avoid embroidering other peoples garments. So rather than embroider Franks twenty polo shirts. Sell him twenty polo shirts that you have embroidered. You will make more money and, just as importantly, you will have sourced and tested all the garments that embroider well.

Logos taken from a website will first have to be digitised, or converted into embroidery, before you can upload them to your embroidery machine and sew them out. In most cases it is far more cost effective to use a digitizing agency, rather than buy expensive software and try and do it yourself.

When it comes to personalisation, you will usually be embroidering names onto clothing. And perhaps the biggest sector for personalisation is still babywear. Parents and family members will buy almost anything that has the baby’s name embroidered on it. And embroidering names rather than complex logos usually involves a quick turnaround. A logo/design may take twenty minutes to embroidery. A name may only take a few minutes.

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