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Horn Eclipse Delivery

For many years we have sold the Horn sewing cabinets. And what a fine range of cabinets they are. We sell them all over the country and the team at Horn then deliver and install them. But every now and then Steve and I offer to make the delivery ourselves, especially if it’s local. Sometimes our customer can’t wait, or they request an evening delivery. We’re happy to help. Such was the case with a recent Horn Eclipse delivery. Our customer, a very nice lady, worked all day and wasn’t available until early evening.

The Horn cabinets arrive largely assembled. They only require the fitting of the castors and the setting of the platform height. So we carefully unpacked the Eclipse on the soft carpet of our showroom floor. The modern Horn cabinet has a new and improved castor, each one ‘braked’ and more of them than found on the older models. We then set the cabinet up on it toes and carefully carried it into the ‘Big Van’.

We arrived on a dark November evening with heavy dark clouds, and rain in the air. The mood was soon brightened by our customers happy personality – and a cup of tea was offered almost straightaway… It is funny, you know. The further south Steve and I travel, and we do so almost every week, the less inclined people are to offer so much as a glass of water. Now we were faced by what I call a double-return staircase. A few steps up and then a turn to the left. The main body of the staircase then led up to another turn to the left, at the top. Sounds like the dance from Rocky Horror…

Some effort and straining of old and worn, but still reliable, sinews was required. Turning through tight porch corners and onwards to ascend the double-return face of the Eiger. Soon, we placed the new cabinet down in the designated ‘sewing room’ and that cup of tea was most welcome. We then set about fitting the customers sewing machine into place, fitting the numerous storage bins, and providing a brief demonstration. Our customer declared herself to be extremely happy – and so were we. We jumped back into the van and followed the signs for home.

If you’re interested in the Horn Eclipse Cabinet – or any of the Horn range – please click here for more info.