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The Horn HiLo Cutting Table

A lady appeared on a wet and grey afternoon. Downstairs in the showroom she mentioned tables, a cutting out table, a craft table. I showed her the horn cabinets. Intrigued though she was, she still talked of tables. A sewing machine table. So I took her upstairs and into the quilt fabric room. ‘There’, I announced, and I made a flourish with my hands. Her eyes landed on the Horn HiLo cutting table. It went quiet, so I gave the quiet some room. Our lady moved closer and rested her hand on the table top. Cogs could be seen turning their circles. Is this Horn table strong enough to take the weight of my sewing machine, she asked. I pointed out the sturdy box steel frame and the thick cut of the table top wood.

Sewing Machine Table

The lady seemed impressed. I then pointed out that the Horn HiLo cutting table top can pivot up at one side. Meaning you can push the table, easily on it’s castors, flat against a wall. Handy, I pointed out, if friends came round to dance. I lifted the table top to demonstrate my words. A small gasp issued forth. Lowering the table top, I walked briskly round to the handle at the far end. I waited until her eyes had caught mine. And I watched them grow large as I turned the handle and raised the height of the table surface. Turning the handle the other way lowered the height of the table. So, I announced, you can easily set the table height to suit you in an absolutely perfect way. 
She asked again about the weight. Our lady had a long-arm quilting machine at home. The weather being fine, I circumnavigated the whole table. I said – you could put your quilting machine at this corner. You could put your overlocker at this corner. Your fabrics at this corner. And your crossword, coffee and biscuits at the last corner. She could see the picture I had painted.

Ordering a Horn HiLo Cutting Table

Our lady threw a look my way. What about ordering a Horn HiLo cutting table, she asked. I pointed out that firstly we take payment. Secondly Horn themselves would deliver the table – usually with 3-4 weeks. But my sewing room is upstairs, said our lady, with some concern. That won’t be a problem. Nearly all the sewing rooms I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot – are the former bedroom of the now vacated child. Finally left to face life on their own. So, the nice chap from horn will take the table upstairs and set it all up in your ‘sewing room’. A beautiful smile appeared on the lady’s face. I handed her the Horn brochure and smiled back. She planned to casually leave the brochure somewhere her husband would see it.
I wished her well.

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