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Janome Beading Foot Set

Janome Beading Foot Set. Sewing on strung beads and pearls has always been a tedious task but the beading foot now goes some small way to alleviating this and to add pleasure to embellishing. The beading foot set is popular for bridal wear, evening wear, casual wear and crafts.

There are two feet in the set: narrow groove for beads up to 2 mm in diameter and wide groove for beads 2.5 – 4 mm in diameter.




Which Type Fits My Janome Sewing Machine
Type A Fits Memory Craft 11,000
Type B Fits Memory Craft Embroidery Models 9700, 9500, 9000, 5700, 5000, 8000
Type C Fits Memory Craft 6600P & 6500P
Type D Fits Memory Craft Computer Models
Type E Fits Top Loading Models 6.5 – 7mm max width
Type F Fits Top Loading Models 5mm max width
Type G Fits Front Loading Models, 100, 110, 1004, 1014, 1018, 1308, 1312, 1406, 1408, 1410, 1500 series, 1714, 1722, 300-372, 3816, 3822, 609, 623, 626, 628, 655, 656A, 656B, 657, 657A, 660, 808, 822, Combi, Combi-10, DE25, DM1000, ENX24, ES14, ES14N, J1012, J1024, J3 Series, JL100, JL125, JR1012, RX18S, S2600, 2032, 2050
Type H Fits Overlockers
Type I Fits Cover Stitch Machines
Type J Fits High Speed Machines
Type K Fits Embellisher Models Xpression & FM725
Type L Fits Janome MB4

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