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Janome 8200QC


£500 for your old sewing machine when you trade it in against the new Janome 8200QC. You will then pay ONLY £999.00
Offer ends 27th JULY 2013. We can also offer an interest free credit deal, subject to status, to help spread the payment. Pay £333.00 each month for 3 months.

Steve Bamber
I really like the new Janome 8200QC. It’s based on the out-going Horizon 7700QC, which we sold lots of and was a great machine.

It’s a proper long-arm machine, at 11″. Yet, unlike a lot of long-arm machines, it’s not over ‘specced’ with hundreds of stitches or unnecessary functions you may never use.

In our experience, most people use about 6 stitches or so.
This machine is aimed at the quilter and has everything you need – straight-stitch, zig-zag, hand-look quilting stitch, several blanket stitches including double sided and offset, and also a straight-stitch that’s exactly 1/4″ off centre.

As well as the regular dressmaking feet, the Janome 8200QC also comes with all the quilting feet you need – 1/4″ foot, open, closed and echo freehand quilt feet and also a walking foot attachment that is actually a proper dual feed with a mechanical link to the stitch length, making it much more precise than a normal walking foot.

This Janome 8200QC also has all the regular dressmaking, utility and embroidery stitches, plus an alphabet. These features, combined with a very strong build quality, delivers and excellent all-round perfeormance.
It’s also very simple to operate, unlike some of todays computerised machines.

With a price tag of £1299.00, we feel the Janome 8200QC really does offer good value for money and it’s certainly the least expensive, good quality, long-arm machine on the market.

Something else to bear in mind…
A common scenario in our experience – a lady comes into to our store for a demonstration of quilting machines. We demonstrate a number of models and the lady chooses the least expensive option. 12 or 18 months later the lady returns, with husband in tow, and declares she now wants to trade in her original machine and part exchange it for the long-arm version she should have bought in the first place. Of course, the lady loses money on the deal…