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Janome CXL301

 An easy to use sewing machine…

An easy to use sewing machine with push-button stitch selection. The CXL301 (catchy name, huh?) has 30 stitches and a choiuce of 6 styles of 1-step buttonholes.
Proper shoe shops don’t seem to exist anymore, but when they did you had your feet measured on a ruler with a sliding guide. The buttonhole attachment measures the buttons in the same way. Once you start the machine the correct sized buttonhole is produced – simple!

In comon with more and more electronic sewing machines, the Janome CXL301 has a sliding speed control button. So, you can turn the speed down to a crawl but maintain maximum oomph when you are sewing through thicker fabrics.

For eyes that have grown dimmer a needle threader helps to relieve the frustration. Take a little time learning how to use the needle threader properly and it will become a faithful chum.

The wiser buyer will have bought the Janome CXL301 from Bambers, enjoyed a full demonstration of the Janome CXL301 and all it’s functions and been offered free and unlimited tuition. In other words, a great aftersales service.

A soft vinyl dust cover helps to, erm…..keep the dust off.