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Delivery of a Horn Superior Cabinet

Over the last 42 years I’ve delivered many sewing machine cabinets. The latest was a delivery of a Horn Superior Cabinet. It wasn’t the easiest of jobs as the lady’s house had a double return on her staircase. And the Superior, as it’s name suggests, is the largest and heaviest of the Horn cabinets. It is a mighty beast, but what a beauty. 
Steve and I had our work cut out but, as ever, the Bamber Boys got the job done. 

Back in the 1980’s, during the brief knitting machine craze, we also sold the Keyto knitting machine cabinets.
Now those things were huge and weighed a ton.

As I said, we’ve sold and delivered an awful lot of sewing machine cabinets over the years. 
Back in the 1980’s, during the brief knitting machine craze, we also sold the Keyto knitting machine cabinets. Now those things were huge and weighed a ton. They were also quite tall and very awkward to twist around a staircase. 
Sewing and knitting rooms are almost always upstairs. The spare bedroom is usually the favoured choice. 

There was also a spell when we sold the Hillaine cabinets. Dear old Tish and Wayne had a small unit in Bolton, Lancashire. The two boys designed and made a wide range of low cost sewing machine cabinets. And every few weeks Dad would send one of us up to collect the latest orders.

There was always the sharp sound of a circular bench saw biting through wood. And Tish and Wayne were always dusty with saw dust. Towards the end they even turned their hands to coffins. 

Quite often when I called there’d be a dozen or more of them stacked high in a corner. Waiting for collection from local undertakers from the town. 
Hillaine eventually folded and that was that. I miss those boys. 

Back to last night, though. Our lady is a regular customer and she is such a nice lady. Always a lovely smile, a kind word and a coffee for me and Stevie. 
Last time we saw her, Steve and I delivered a Bernina Q20 and an RMF table. The one with the electric lift. That was another adventure, on her double return staircase. Phew!

Our lady chose a white Horn Superior, to match the existing furniture in her sewing room. The RMF table is also white so now she has a matching pair. 

After we had fitted the castors and handles etc., we set the height of the platform bed. The lady has a Janome 9450 and as a long arm machine it’s quite a size. 
Horn cabinets have a spring loaded platform inside them. This is where your sewing machine sits. The platform has three positions.

  • Firstly, with the machine sat on top it can be pushed all the way down to hide inside the closed cabinet. 
  • Secondly it can be raised so it sits on the top – so you can use the free arm of your machine. 
  • Thirdly it can be lowered just a few inches so the top of the free arm is level with the surface of the cabinet. 

Most of the Horn cabinets come with a plexi glass insert. Each one is cut to the shape of the customers sewing machine. This insert fits snug around the machine to create a complete flat surface with the top of the cabinet. Ideal for quilting and other large projects. 

Of course it has to be pointed out that we sell Horn cabinets all over the country. And in the vast majority of cases, it is Horn who actually deliver and install their cabinets. Jeff, their delivery chap, is a jolly and helpful sort. However on some occasions – carrying Superiors upstairs or because of timing issues – Steve and I deliver to local addresses. 

Steve set the height of the platform so the Janome sat just right in the cabinet. We demonstrated the working of the platform and our lady declared herself very happy. 
She gave us a nice card with a kind message inside and a very healthy tip, for a pint.