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Horn Superior Cabinet Delivery

The Horn Superior is a magnificent cabinet and would grace even the best of sewing rooms and studios. It is however one heck of a lump to carry upstairs. And upstairs is where you will find the majority of sewing room and studios. I know, because we’ve delivered hundreds of cabinets over the years. And the Horn Superior Sewing Cabinet delivery issue can sometimes spoil a dream.

Horn will deliver their cabinets to your home. And Jeff, their delivery guy (a lovely chap by the way) is adept at teasing cabinets up your staircase. However, even Jeff draws the line at lumping the Superior up the stairs. That is where Steve and I step in. Firstly, there’s two of us. Secondly, we have delivered many cabinets up many stairs, Thirdly, we always eat our Weetabix of a morning…

So, if you’d love to buy the Horn, but you have no one to carry it up your stairs, give us a call on, 00161 707 7786. Steve and I regularly travel the length and breadth – so we can probably fit you in on one of our trips. We will carefully climb aloft, fix the castors and the handles and set the platform height on your Superior. In general – make sure you’re happy.

And by the way – it’s milk and no sugar.