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A few months back, Steve dug out an old Bernina 730 from our used Bernina cellar. It had had a tough life and was very badly marked and worn. Anyway, he decided as a long term project he was going to strip this Bernina 730 down, respray the body and then build it back up.

A photo showing the stripped down Bernina 730 components.

You can see that although some of the parts are rusty and dirty after 50 odd years, they are all in good condition. No doubt Steve will soak all these parts then buff and polish them before they go back into the machine.

A photo showing our Bernina 730 stripped and painted in undercoat.

In this photo you can see how Steve has stripped the body of the Bernina 730 down to nothing. He then rubbed the machine down with a fine emery paper and water until he had removed all the old paintwork. He then started building up layers of undercoat, rubbing down in-between the layers to ensure a nice smooth surface.

Bernina 730 Base

You can see how Steve has also removed the base from this Bernina 730. Again, he has cleaned away all the years of grime and then built up several layers of undercoat. Smoothing each layer along the way so he ends up with a really good finish.

I’ll add more when Steve reaches the next stage on hie Bernina 730 rebuild project.

Things have now moved on, a little….

You can see how Steve has now started to re-fit the parts and he has also painted the body a….. electric-lime-green!
Bernina 730 rebuild


Almost there…
Steve has now refitted most of the parts and reset all the timings and settings. We are almost there…

Bernina 730 Rebuild