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Brother Innovis XV Repairs & Service

Brother Innovis XV Repairs & Service


When it comes to Brother Innovis XV Repairs & Service you should always consider Bamber Sewing Machines in Manchester. We recently celebrated our 70th birthday. During those many years we have repaired and serviced many sewing machines. Our experience enables us to provide an excellent service.

The Brother Innovis XV is a mighty beast, therefore you should always consider Bambers. For those of you unfortunate enough not to live close to Manchester, the minor inconvenience of putting your XV in the motor and making the trip to Manchester is far outweighed by the service you will receive. Husbands and boyfriends will be especially pleased to learn that the Trafford Centre is less than one mile from our store. So maybe a shopping trip can be tied in with your visit.

Please also consider your choice of threads and needles when using the Brother Innovis XV. Don’t use cheap and inferior needles or threads as they will only cause poor stitch quality and possible damage to your XV. This, in turn, may well lead to many tears before bedtime. Instead, choose a good quality needle such as the Schmetz range and a good quality thread.


So, if you’re experiencing problems with your Brother Innovis XV just pick up the blower and phone Bambers. Speak to Alan or Steve Bamber and we’ll do all we can to put a smile back on your face.

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