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Brother VX677 Repair and Service

We used to sell the Brother VX677 range when we were in our Oldham Street shop, back in the 1990’s. They were a basic but reliable sewing machine and we sold a fair few of them. So it’s no surprise that even today someone will phone and enquire about Brother VX677 repair and service.
I was in the workshop when I spotted Luke, one of our mechanics, servicing the Brother VX677 you see in the photo. Generally VX range is still worth the cost of a service. So please bring yours along to Bambers for some expert attention.

Brother VX677 Bulbs etc

Basic spares and accessories are still available for the Brother VX677. Items such as bulbs, needles, bobbincases and bobbins etc. They can all be bought from our website.
Or please just phone and we will take your order – 0161 707 7786

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