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Newhome Combi DX RepairTwenty odd years ago we use to sell a fair number of the Newhome Combi DX models. They were an unusual sewing machine/overlocker cross. Tough and durable enough to stand the test of time, we still receive a small stream of the Combi and Combi DX machines in for service or repair.
Newhome Combi DX Repair

Some of the parts are no longer available but, if like our example, no parts are required then we can still carry out a viable service.
I spotted this one on Shahids bench and thought I’d take a few snaps for your enjoyment.
Newhome Combi DX Repair

If you need your Newhome Combi or Newhome Combi DX servicing then phone Bambers on 0161 707 7786.