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A variety of factors will determine which home embroidery machine you buy especially if you plan to build a commercial embroidery business from home. Number one consideration is of course the cost. If you choose to buy an embroidery machine for entirely personal use then the choice is a wide one. Options to consider include whether or not your new machine will be purely an embroidery machine or a mixture of embroidery and sewing. Bernina, Janome and Brother offer a range of good quality sewing and embroidery machines. A visit to your local sewing machine dealer will provide you with some practical working knowledge about the choices on offer.

If, on the other hand, you do plan to build an embroidery business then you should narrow your search. In most cases you may have set your sights on one of the Brother PR models. These mighty embroidery machines have cornered the market and are most peoples first choice. The Brother PR600, Brother PR620, Brother PR650 and the latest model, the Brother PR655 are all superb at what they do and here at Bambers we can offer you sound advice and a very cost effective lease deal.

You may consider dipping your toe in the home embroidery machine market before you opt for a PR model. In that case you should take a closer look at the Brother Innovis 750 and the Janome 350E. Both of these machines share similar features. They are both single needle machines and offer a relatively low cost way of starting your embroidery business.

Before you decide which route to follow you should contact Alan or Steve Bamber, at Bamber Sewing Machines for some plain and honest advice.