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New Signs for our Sewing Machine Shop

Bamber Sewing Machines

Colin Ryder, our local signwriter, put up some new signs outside the shop, today.
Colin Ryder Signwriter 

Anyway, the story started a few months ago when Steve and I took RB (Dad) away for a weeks holiday down on the south coast. Sat in a cafe one morning, I pointed out to the boys that the shop needed to stand out more and that our present signage didn’t catch the attention of passing motorists. Of course, when I suggested my idea, a heated discussion broke out. RB (our dear leader) wasn’t impressed with the plan and as usual dimissed the idea as idiotic, and me as a lunatic. I’ve been in similar situations with RB before and I’ve learned to stick to my guns.
The sign goes up
One of the great joys of a family business is being able to create ideas, thrash them out over a chocolate eclair or pint of Guinness, and then see the plan come together. Of course not all of our plans work and some are shot down in flames before they even leave the ground. But the feeling of running your own show is very satisfying.
Bambers Sewing Machine Store



A few days later we took a trip to Brighton, a bracing town with a number of interesting pubs. Hunting for a spot of lunch, we found ourselves walking down the main high street when suddenly we spotted a sign for a fabric shop – all of 200 yards away. My plan for more signs was suddenly given the green light!
Bamber Sewing Machines

I think it all looks fantastic. Now, the heavy stream of traffic that pours past our store every evening, can’t fail to notice our new signs. Especially when the clocks go back and we switch all the outside lights on.