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Brother Innovis Stellaire XE1

A lady phoned to ask some questions about the Brother Innovis Stellaire XE1. The dilemma for our lady was the choice between the XE1, and the Brother V3. Of course for many years the V3 pretty much ruled the roost. But then the two Mighty Stellaires arrived, like two new kids at school. They were big, beautiful and had many good features. 

But let’s go back to embroidery. And let’s accept that you love to spend a day in your room embroidering away with a cup of coffee, and perhaps a cut of cake. Bliss, or what. 

See, I know what you like. So it’s important that I tell you straight. 

My name is Alan, by the way. Born into the trade, lived over the shop in the 60’s, done over 40 years in the business Dad started back in 1946. Work with our kid, Steve and the girls and Shahid.

You might say, Alan, I only work on small embroidery projects, and usually I only use a small frame. You do stuff for the children, the grandkids, the local hospice or charity, and things like that. But at the same time you like the idea of a larger machine, with a big screen. And that’s the thing. The bigger screens make life much easier and, much more enjoyable. 

The smaller machines are good, but they have small screens and you can’t always see or tell what you’re doing. 

Back to our lady on the blower. She, like so many seem to say these days, said this. 

Alan, I want a really nice machine to see me out. It will be my last machine, and I don’t want to find when I get home there are only two mince pies in the box instead of six. 

Well ok, she didn’t actually say that last bit. The bit about the mince pies, I mean. I just used that little ditty as an example. But you know what I mean. 

Plus, the XE1 has Disney designs built in and a lot of people like Disney. Mickey Mouse, and all that. Even if you don’t – the grand kids might. 

I told all this and I told her the V3 was great, too. But then I also said, Rebecca. 

Rebecca wasn’t her name by the way, that’s private. It’s just that I like the name Rebecca. I like Rachael, too. Anyway. Rebecca, I said. Think about it overnight. Don’t make a decision now. 

She thanked me and said goodbye and hung up, and I went off in search of a cup of tea. 

The next day, phone call 43 was from Rebecca. 

Hi Alan, it’s Rebecca. 

Hi Rebecca. 

Well I thought about it overnight, like you said. 



I’m going to go for the Stellaire XE1. You only live once. 

How long will it take if I ordered it now. 

About two or three days, I said. 

Rebecca gave me her card details and Jenny ordered the machine. 

She will, I know, be as happy as Larry. 

That’s why she phoned me. 

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