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Horn Cabinet Deliveries

Steve and I loaded the van with two Horn cabinet deliveries yesterday afternoon. One was a brand new Horn Eclipse, in White. The other was our shop display Horn Nova. We had sold it to a nice lady who had called in a few weeks earlier. Horn have recently upgraded some of their model range, so some of our display stock needs new homes. We’d sold our display Eclipse a few weeks earlier, and now the Nova has gone. So it just leaves the Quilters Delight Mk II, and the Horn Superior.
The first house had a u-shape return, so not the easiest to carry an Eclipse up. However, Steve and I never miss our Weetabix, so we made short and careful work of the job. And soon enough the Eclipse was placed in the spare bedroom – now the ‘sewing room’.
We’d already set the height of the platform and fitted the castors and handles. Stevie fitted the range of containers that can hold some of your sewing paraphernalia. And I chatted to our lady – and drank the tea she’d kindly provided. I politely declined the shortbread biscuits. Having lost three stones in weight, I don’t want it to come back. This lady had also bought the Horn chair and the Bernina 770. So quite an impressive collection.

Horn Eclipse Sewing Cabinet

All good – we said our goodbyes and set off for delivery number two.
Some miles up the motorway we turned off at our junction. Some winding around this way and that way, and then we arrived at the farm house address. Another lovely lady and another kind offer of tea or coffee. We politely declined. One cup of tea – nice. Two cups of tea – where’s the loo….

Horn Nova Sewing Cabinet

A short two-stepped return at the foot of the staircase, then a nice wide run up – easy. At the top of the stairs was a large landing and our lady had measured out the perfect spot for the Nova. Stevie set up the cabinet and adjusted the height for her Bernina. He fitted the plexiglass-insert so it was neat and flat. The lady declared herself very happy which made Steve and I very happy – it’s all we ever try to achieve.

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