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How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

How to thread a Singer Sewing Machine is explained here. For this example we are using a modern Singer 4423 sewing machine. It is most important before we begin to ensure we are using good quality threads and needles. In this case we are using Gutermann Sew All thread, and a Schmetz Universal Size 90 needle. Your needle must be in good condition. Not blunt or bent.

One: Check your reel of thread. Is there a ‘thread gripper’ at one end. (See Photo). If so, when you place the reel of thread on the spool peg, please make sure the gripper is set to the right – not the left. If the gripper or any thread ‘nick’ on the reel is set to the right, the thread may well catch in it as it is pulled from the reel.
A photo of a reel of thread on a sewing machine spool peg.


Two: Raise the presser foot. This will release your top tension and allow the thread to pull through easily.
A photo showing a raised presser foot on a sewing machine

Three: Take the thread gently through the top thread guides


Four: Take the thread down through the long right hand gap in the body of the machine. On the Singer 4423 this is marked 3 – 4. Bring the thread back up on the left hand side.

Five: Turn the hand wheel towards you until the take-up lever appears. Thread the take up lever from the rear, and make especially sure the thread moves all the way to the hole at the front. If your thread sits half way through the take-up lever your machine will not sew properly and often jam.

Six: Bring the thread down and thread the first lower thread guide. Continue, and thread the Needle Thread guide.

: Use the Needle Threader device to thread the needle.

Threading the Bobbin

One: Make sure the thread comes off the bobbin at the top.

: Gently drop the bobbin into the bobbincase and pull the thread anti-clockwise down to the lip of the tension piece. Gently pull the thread to the edge of the tension lip and lay it down on top of the bobbin.

: Take hold of the top thread and slowly turn the handwheel towards you. The needle will move down and this will pick up the bottom thread.

Four: Make sure both threads are threaded through the presser foot. This will help to reduce any snags or thread loops when you begin to sew.

Five: Finally, take a piece of fabric, place it under the presser foot, lower the presser foot, choose a stitch and adjust the length and width accordingly, begin to sew.

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