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Which Embroidery Machine is best

Todays Question – Which Embroidery Machine is Best. Alternatively, which embroidery machine is best for you. The market place is of course full of embroidery machines. By and large all embroidery machines do the same thing. They all produce embroidery. However, searching through the various makes and models may lead to headaches and confusion. Where to begin…

Questions for you to Consider

  • Is the embroidery machine for pleasure?
  • Does the size of embroidery I produce matter?
  • Do I plan to build an embroidery business?

If the answer is you want an embroidery machine for pleasure you might begin with smallest machine. The Brother F440 E is the choice for many who wish to dip a toe into the machine embroidery world. As with all embroidery machines it has a number of designs & fonts built in. In addition it has, like most embroidery machines, a USB socket. This means you can upload embroidery designs you have bought from the internet.

If the size of the embroidery matters then bear in mind, as a general rule, the more you pay the bigger the embroidery.
Take a look at machines such the Brother Innovis V3 or a Bernina 700 e These machines will produce large scale embroidery designs. The Brother V3 also benefits from a large and easy to use control screen.

If you plan to build an embroidery business you may need a machine capable of producing high volumes of embroidered work. When you reach this stage most of our customers contact us to talk about the Brother multi-needle models – the six needle PR680W or the ten needle PR1055X. The six needle PR680W is the more popular of the two and, of course, it costs less.