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Which Sewing Machine for Bag Making

Which sewing machine for bag making, is a question our customers often ask. There are various options of course. And the choice is usually determined by budget. Other factors include the numbers of bags to be made, and the fabrics they are to be made from. If the bag making is to be an occasional experience, then your choice of machine can be more general. If on the other hand you plan to make bags more often, and perhaps sell them, your search needs to be more focussed.

The Janome HD9 for Bag Making

The Janome HD9 is well suited to bag making. It’s a very strong and powerful machine. And yet the HD9 is simple to operate and easy to use. In addition to the foot control, is the speed control. This is a very user friendly feature. It means you can sew through thick fabrics even at slow speeds. There is also plenty of room to work with – almost 9 inches between needle and neck. I mentioned the HD9 has a powerful motor. In fact it can sew up to 1600 stitches per minute. So it’s no slouch. The solid metal body is designed for some serious work.

Which Sewing Machine for Bag Making – Choices

I’ve listed two possible alternatives below. They are meant as a simple guide to help you choose.

Option One

  • I only want to make the occasional bag
  • I don’t plan to make large quantities
  • I will use cottons, canvas and maybe leather
  • Brother Innovis 15
  • Janome 230DC

Option Two

    • I wish to create a range of bags
    • I hope increase the number of bags I make
    • I will be using various fabrics including, cotton, canvas, vinyls and leathers
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