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Treadle Sewing Machine Service

Shahid called me into the workshop the other day to show me this lovely old treadle sewing machine service job. It’s a little bit worn, here and there, but it’s still in pretty good nick. I first started work for Dad (late 1970’s). Back then I used to travel with our mechanics to the many schools and colleges in Greater Manchester.  We’d service their sewing machines. A lot of the inner city schools still used these old treadle machines. So I’m sure many of you out there can remember your old needlework lessons using just this kind of sewing machine.

Lord Sheraton Polish

Anyway, this one had been brought in for a service by a lady who’d inherited it from her mother. It was looking a little bit jaded and was in need of a service, and a new treadle belt. Shahid soon got to work and applied some tender loving care. So before long the machine was sewing quite sweetly. Some of the woodwork was a bit dull, so a bit of the old Lord Sheraton was taken from the shelf. After copious amounts of rubbing, a deep shine was restored. Sadly, some of the woodwork could not be returned to its former glory.

However, here is one nice old treadle sewing machine that is still working well and giving pleasure. We helped to save it being turned into a table in some old pub somewhere…

A photo of a Treadle Sewing Machine service job in our workshop.A photo of a new treadle belt on a treadle sewing machine.A photo of Lord Sheraton furniture polish. We applied it to the woodwork of an old treadle sewing machine.A photo of the final sew test on a treadle sewing machine service, in our workshop.