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Viking 19E Sewing Machine Repair

A photo of a Viking 19E sewing machine, in our workshop.
This wonderful Viking 19E sewing machine came in for repair a few days ago. It comes from a different era when there seemed to be a bit more style and a bit more care and pride about design. Look a the curve of the neck and the contrasting green shades.
It was built to last and after a good service this 19E will be collected by a no doubt proud owner.
Viking 19E carry case
Even the carry case has a certain style about it. Especially when you look at some of the ‘covers’ that come with todays sewing machines. This sewing machine and carry case have been well looked after, but even so, both are still in great condition.
Viking 19E carry case
The carry case for this 19E is even lined with a jaunty tartan fabric. It has an elasticated pocket to hold the metal sewing table, all todays sewing tables are plastic and are quite often an optional extra. Deeper inside the case are two rigid pockets to store the foot control and lead.
Viking 19E instruction book
The instruction book that came with this Viking 19E makes a lot of todays offerings look like very poor efforts indeed. This book is full of stitch selection advice, with a full page of instruction and illustrations. No expense has been spared to ensure the customer felt like they had bought a top quality product. And they had!