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Vintage Sewing Machine Repairs

Finding someone to carry out Vintage sewing machine repairs isn’t always easy. You need someone with the necessary training. Someone with a good stock of parts and the right equipment and tools. You need Bamber Sewing Machine, in Manchester.
When I started work for my father in  the 1970’s there were still lots of old Singer models in the local schools and colleges. I worked on hundreds and hundreds of them for many years. Some of the schools I visited had as many as seventy old Singer 201k’s. They had happily sewn away since the 1950’s but they still stitched well. Generations of young women had spent many hours being taught to sew by their Needlework Teacher.

Many of those ‘young women’ now call in to our shop with their latest sewing machine. They may be a little older. The hair may be grey and children grown and married. But they still carry that love from their schooldays, and have sewn ever since.

Those vintage sewing machines are now the type that people bring in for repairs or service. I know from twenty paces what they are carrying from the shape and colour of the case. Then when they show me the machine they often say, ‘I don’t know if you’re familiar with this model’.

Any one can fall in love with a vintage sewing machine, and they are easy to love. The swoop of their curves carry a certain elegance that is lost on the modern ‘square’ machine. The transfer embellishments and the chrome plates and balance wheels only add to their allure.

I understand that appeal and I understand your love. So, bring your vintage sewing machine repairs to Bambers for some love and affection.
Alan Bamber

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